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A Working Home  

2020 will be remembered for the devastating worldwide coronavirus pandemic that is affecting all our lives.

Yet, out of this tragedy is  a ray of hope, that if fostered and developed with care, may provide a chance to dramatically reduce the environmental damage we inflict on our planet on a daily basis.  A chance to stop the pollution from millions of cars in cities around the world as they creep along in the daily commute.  A chance to slow down the damage caused by the constant hunt for fossil fuels. A chance to reduce the number of forests that are cleared to provide not just building materials but the space to make way for more roads and infrastructure to assist us on our journey to work and the building of more offices to house ever expanding businesses.

2020 has shown us that it is possible for many of us to work from our homes, if not full time, at least a significant part of the week.

That today’s technology allows us to work remotely but still be able to collaborate as part of a team, join a meeting and in many cases make us more productive is very liberating. Yet, if we are to work at home it is vital to create a designated workspace to maintain the work home life balance.

So, to be productive working at home we need to create a healthy work environment, a space that is free from the distractions of home life. Simply put, opening your laptop at the breakfast table while the news plays on the TV in the corner of the room is not a solution.  The ideal, where possible, is to create a dedicated workspace; a space that allows you to concentrate, to be undistributed, to be productive, in an environment that is conducive to good mental health, a place we enter to start work and a place that when we leave, we leave work behind us.

The creation of a workspace can be achieved in a variety of ways, perhaps the conversion of an unused space or spare room, an extension to provide extra floor space to create the perfect work environment, remodelling of an existing space to create a dual purpose space, or the conversion of old outhouses/buildings into work studios or offices.

Native Architects has a proven track record in creating new workspaces and with 20+ years of experience we have the vision to see possibilities you may never have envisaged.

If you are ready to create your perfect homework space, no matter how big or small, and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time then call Native on 01904 656133 – we would love to hear from you.