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The construction industry accounts for 47% of the UK’s total CO2 emissions, which is why Native’s approach to designing new buildings, as well as adapting and converting existing buildings, sets the reduction of CO2 emissions during construction and in-use as a priority.

We don’t just say our buildings are sustainable; we know that they are, and we pride ourselves as being both innovators and pioneers with an overriding guiding ambition to design inspirational buildings that have minimal environmental impact.

This means designing “development which through its low negative environmental impact either enhances or does not significantly diminish environmental quality”.

All energy sources have some impact on our environment but fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas) cause substantially more harm than renewable energy sources by most measures, including air and water pollution, damage to public health, wildlife and habitat loss, water use, land use, and global warming emissions.

Native design buildings that reduce energy use, whether that be during their construction or in use by specifying materials that are inherently renewable or are made and transported using the minimum amount of energy, preferably materials that are locally sourced or produced.

This concept of embodied energy or embodied carbon is a critical driver for Native as a design practice but generally overlooked by the construction industry with its focus upon energy in use.

Low embodied carbon materials tend to be bio-based, i.e. grown, rather than petrochemical derived products. These materials have the added benefits of good breathability, low toxicity, and promote good indoor air quality.

In other words, we design buildings that are good for your health!

Our ethos has resulted in an expert understanding of the complexities of sustainable construction, so we can provide options and alternatives for you to make the ultimate decision on the direction of your project.

We are pioneering in our services to clients; we strive for quality and durability which will enhance our built environment for current and future generations and have the experience to specify materials and techniques that combine to create inspirational buildings with high sustainability standards.

Native has pledged to support One Planet York and has been identified by the City of York Council as showcasing local leadership in the use of sustainable materials.

One Planet York is an initiative of Bioregional and its partners to make truly sustainable living a reality. One Planet Living uses ecological foot printing and carbon foot printing as its headline indicators. It is based on ten guiding principles of sustainability as a framework.