News / An Investigation in the Air Quality of Native Architects Buildings

Native Architects carried out an investigation in the air quality of four of their buildings and here are the results.

How was it carried out? Native Architects collaborated with the Department of Environment and Geography at the University of York. Air was evacuated from 6 litre Entech canisters using a pumping system to an internal pressure of approximately 0.005 PSI. The canisters were transported to the sites where a sampling inlet valve was attached to restrict the rate of air intake to allow sampling to commence over the course of 24 hours. Each building was sampled once. Rooms within these buildings were then systematically sampled. Living areas in residential properties were investigated to maintain consistency and to best represent the effect of building materials on the air quality. For the same reasons, office spaces formed the sampling areas in commercial buildings. The results were published in a report entitled The Effect of Green Building Materials on Indoor Air Quality in Residential and Commercial Buildings in North Yorkshire, UK. by Oliver Anderson.