Architects in Harrogate

Architects in Harrogate

Harrogate’s development is owed to the discovery of ‘chalybeate’ and Sulphur rich springs. Known as the English Spa in the Georgian era, its ‘chalybeate’ waters were a popular health treatment, attracting many wealthy visitors who contributed greatly to the growth of the town. To provide boarding and entertainment for these visitors, the area around The Stray a 200-acre common, developed swiftly. Many large houses, alehouses and theatres were built, along with The Bath Hospital and Royal Pump Room. The town continued to grow throughout the 19th and early 20th century as it continued to attract the English elite.

Many of Harrogate’s buildings are now listed, lending themselves to Native Architects, speciality Heritage work.

In 1870 Samson Fox perfected the process of creating water gas, making his, the first home in Yorkshire to have gas lighting and heating. This technology was later used to light up Parliament Street, the world’s first route lit by gas water – newspapers commented that Fox had “captured the sunlight for Harrogate”.

Like Samson Fox, Native strive to be innovators and pioneers. Our ethos fits perfectly with unique towns like Harrogate, with designs influenced and inspired by local distinctiveness, relevant historic, vernacular details and forms, particularly where these features affect the setting of a listed building or conservation area.

Whether working on listed buildings, or new projects we design inspirational buildings with low environmental impact, using materials such as hempcrete, straw and other modern innovative materials, inherently renewable and locally made allowing us to design buildings that reduce energy, while still retaining qualities of traditionally crafted buildings.

This concept of embodied energy or embedded carbon is a critical driver for Native, as a design practice, our ethos has resulted in an expert understanding of the complexities of sustainable construction and once more like Samson Fox, our work has led to public recognition with many awards for our projects.

Our designs emerge from a clear understanding of our clients’ requirements and fall into two main categories; Heritage works to listed buildings and those in difficult contexts; conservation areas, national parks etc. Environmentally Sustainable designs, working with natural materials like hempcrete and straw to produce inspiring and truly sustainable low energy buildings.

If you have projects that fit into these categories or are just looking for inspiration Native Architects would be delighted to meet you and explore what could be possible.

Native still catching the sunlight!

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