News / Congratulations James

Our head Technologist James Newton has been awarded a coveted bursary from the York Consortium for Conservation and Craftsmanship. The bursary funds half of the course fees for the School of Natural Building, run by Barbara Jones of StrawWorks, where James is training to become a natural builder.

The aim of the School is to provide quality training in the use of natural materials, both in design and in practice, and to provide a pool of natural builders who are recognised as having professional levels of skill, knowledge and experience.  Natural materials include strawbales, timber, lime, clay, hemp, sheepswool, woodfibre board, brick and stone.

The award was presented by President of the Consortium Dr. Peter Addyman CBE. Bursaries and grants are provided via the York Consortium’s charitable arm, the York Foundation for Conservation and Craftsmanship.