News / Native Quarterly Book Choice

Our book choice this quarter has been chosen by Cam Shepphard.  Cam who recently graduated from the University of Sheffield with a BA(Hons) in Architecture has a particular interest in historic buildings and their conservation and his book choice is England A Guide to Post-War Listed Buildings by Elain Harwood.

Cam said “Since 1987 more than 300 buildings have been listed for their special architectural and historic interest. The range is staggering. Elain Harwood is the historian at English Heritage responsible for its post-war research and listing programme.

It’s very hard to pick one entry so I will pick two in the north.

  1. Theatre Royal Additions by Patrick Gwynn 1967, listed in 1997

Double height mushroom concrete columns set behind black- framed glazing that rises sheer to the roof, at night the building shines, invitingly, like a lantern.

  1. St Paul Sheffield by Basil Spence and Partners 1958-9, listed 1998

The most refined of all Spence’s parish churches, glazed at both ends, undulating brick walls with a segmental barrel roof cross crossed with diagonal steel bracing. The prefect place for tranquil contemplation.

A wonderful book full of all different types of buildings – never a dull moment!”

CLICK HERE to find copies of England A Guide to Post-War Listed Buildings and other books by Elain Harwood