News / Plastic: An AlterNATIVE View



At Native Architects, our concerns for the environment have compelled us to minimise our use of plastic in the buildings we are responsible for and to advise our clients what alternatives are available and what choices they have.

  1. We can control and minimise the use of plastic in buildings in a number of ways.
  1. We can advise our clients of the problems that plastics can bring where they are part of the interior. 
  1. We understand the importance of knowing how plastics and plastic alternatives can be used in buildings without harming the environment or building occupants unnecessarily. 

As architects and consumers, we ask “is there an alternative to plastic?”  If there is, we explore, research and specify alternative products. If not, we will try to specify any re-cycled plastic equivalents that are available.

Useful Resources is a useful resource for further information about plastics in construction. is another useful resource – the largest and oldest network for sustainable building.