Project Mount Pleasant, York

Neglected and becoming difficult to live in because of its size and associated energy demands, this Victorian farmhouse needed modernising. The client wanted a bright family home that was affordable to run and drastically reduced fossil fuel consumption.

Over the years, the house had experienced many insensitive alterations including remodelling of the window openings and the stripping out of all internal features. Restoring the character and charm of the house through the reinstatement of many historic details was combined with a wholehearted commitment to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The goal was to combine energy efficiency and Victorian elegance.

Retrofitting all the important building elements reduced the house’s demand for heating and power. The heating strategy incorporated a heat pump with under floor heating and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, which minimises heat loss through ventilation.

The object of creating a healthy and sustainable environment dictated every design choice from insulation detailing to decoration. This strategy was very successful in creating a home that costs far less to run and emits far less carbon dioxide, while being brighter, healthier and more pleasant to live in than its predecessor.

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