Project New House, York

A special new home for Penelope and Oliver Worsley.

Native obtained planning for a new dwelling with ancillary carers accommodation in the garden of Midgely House in Heslington Conservation area. Midgely House was a large two storey house that both Oliver and his carers found difficult to use and in order to make Oliver’s life more comfortable it was decided to build a purpose designed dwelling for him in familiar surroundings.
Oliver ( now deceased ) and Penelope were key contributors to the development of the Arts in York in the late 20th century and played a part in the integration of the university and the city and their lifestyle was reflected in their former home with an eclectic mix of art and antiques to be showcased in the new house.

In the late 1990’s Oliver was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease a devastating, highly complex hereditary brain disorder that affects muscle coordination and leads to mental decline and behavioral symptoms.

Native were appointed by Penelope to design a new house to meet both Oliver’s needs and a family home. The design included accommodation for Oliver and his carers in part of the original coach house with a new building for Penelope in a coach house style. The disability suite had access to a sunny courtyard, shower room, living and bedroom areas. The new three bedroom house was carefully integrated into the garden neighbouring with York University’s Heslington Hall and the Vice-Chancellors House. The design took into account the quiet and complex garden surroundings in a sympathetic palette of materials and traditional detailing whereas the interior was designed to be contemporary and visually light and airy. The interior design provided a practical, comfortable and manageable home to suit the special needs of a disabled person and their close family.

As a requirement of the Planning consent the house had 5% on -site renewable energy from solar hot water and the internal environment was fully mechanically ventilated with heat recovery to minimise heating demands on the house.