Project All Hallows Church, Leeds

Our client came to us with a longstanding problem of an uninsulated leaking church roof, clad in concrete tiles laid at too low a pitch and in constant need of repair, and a tower suffering from advanced steelwork corrosion due to water ingress.

Native designed a solution which involved removal of the existing tiles and rotten under boarding and the re-roofing with a new roof covering of standing seam zinc sheeting Whilst the roof was stripped off the previously inaccessible roof spaces were insulated with PAVATEXTIL P, a soft thermo-acoustic insulation product made primarily from cotton fibres extracted from recycled jeans and velvet. This is a soft, non-itchy product to handle so helps the roofing contractor during the installation and does not drop dust or fibres.

As part of the work for the church the top of the tower was dismantled, the steelwork shortened and rust treated and a new timber framed tower constructed with better detailing to render it completely weatherproof.

The zinc coated steel has many benefits over other materials as it is recyclable at the end of its life – usually good for at least a 60-year lifespan, the zinc has a low melting point meaning that it needs less energy to coat the steel, it benefits from ageing as it forms a protective patina which means it needs almost no maintenance and, unlike traditional lead roofs, is unattractive to thieves.

The new roof at All Hallows Leeds not only significantly reduces heating bills but it is environmentally friendly, sustainable and attractive.

Watch the film about the project from All Hallows Leeds by CLICKING THIS LINK and the short film clip from GNR Roofing of the completed roof by CLICKING ON THIS LINK

If you’re thinking of retrofitting a building please do get in touch.  We pride ourselves on creating sustainable buildings that have minimal environmental impact.