News / Building with Straw Talk at York College

This year, as Master of the Guild, Sally set in motion a trio of talks that took place at York College. Previously, two of our staff members, Rachel Trend and Andrew Jarman, gave great talks on Hemp and Rammed earth Construction and tuesday saw another one of our team members, James Newton, give a very informative and interesting talk on straw bale construction. It has been a brilliant event which has also strengthened our ties with York College, something we are keen to keep doing; we have a couple projects in the near future that we are keen to have students come and get involved with, during day workshops.

As for the Guild, James gave a brilliant talk to end this years term for the York Guild of Building. The subject is something he has been involved with for years now and as a student at the School of Natural Building (SNaB), he has an extensive knowledge of sustainable building and permaculture, and in particular is keen to promote and educate others on the benefits of straw bale construction.

A project he is involved in currently is the community housing group, YorSpace. Their aim is to “develop low cost, cooperatively owned, environmentally sustainable homes that create & sustain a community.” With this in mind they are looking to eventually construct the homes in Straw Bale, following suit from other community housing schemes such as Lilac, in Leeds. For more information on the YorSpace you can click here to go to their website.