Native Architects skills are broad, relevant to whole building projects and related matters.  The RIBA plan of work organises the process of building from the initial briefing process through to using building projects.  The content of each stage will vary to suit specific projects and this guide to services should be used as a guide for the preparation of detailed professional services, consultants and building contracts.  The plan of work is an industry standard in the construction industry used by the majority of other disciplines such as structural engineering and quality surveying including diverse matters such as strategic planning of estates to the design and selection of furniture and fittings for a client’s home.


Strategic Definition

At this early stage Native Architects will identify with inputs from the client, developer or and end user, the core project requirements.

The project team and programme will be established and pre-application discussions with local authority planning officers can be initiated.

In addition to the core project requirements, sustainability objectives and the review of precedents and feedback from previous projects can be evaluated.


• Identify site constraints
• Develop the client’s brief
• Assemble the project team
• Pre application discussions to review the planning policy


Preparation and Brief

The initial project brief is developed looking at constraints and aspirations for sustainability. Feasibility studies are undertaken based on a review of site information and the client’s quality objectives and outcomes.

Typically surveys of buildings, sites, heritage significance, ecology, trees and neighbouring sites and buildings. These are undertaken by us or with specialists. The project team will usually be assembled.


• Develop project brief
• Complete appraisals, surveys and risk assessments
• Agree schedule of services and design responsibilities


Concept Design

The outline design proposals are prepared. The concept design will include an outline of the structural building services systems, specification and preliminary cost information. Native Architects will work with you to agree the final brief and project programme.

Consultations and research are undertaken relevant to the project which could include sustainability checks, the construction strategy and health and safety requirements.


• Co-ordinate the project team inputs
• Develop design through 2D and 3D drawings, models, sketches etc
• Prepare presentation material if required
• Research heritage / landscape / transport / planning / funding


Developed Design

The proposals are developed into detailed proposals. At this stage Native Architects will coordinate other consultants design work, typically structural, building services and cost information into the project. We can arrange other services connected with the project such as interior design, landscaping, lighting, low carbon technologies.

Planning applications are typically made at this stage supported by us or planning consultants depending on the complexity of the building and site.


• Co-ordinate the team
• Advise on procurement strategy
• Review project programme
• Submit planning applications
• Review sustainability and health and safety issues
• Review operational strategies


Technical Design

At this stage the technical design is prepared. All detailed and specialist aspects of the design are carried out. This includes drawings showing construction, setting out on site, production information and detailed specification of materials, schedules of doors and windows.

Native Architects further co-ordinates the structural and services information to enable Building Regulations submissions, other consents and information on drawings and documents for construction.


• Detailed drawings
• Building Regulations
• Production information
• Tender action
• Evaluation of contractors
• Appraising of tenders
• Preparing tender packages with QS
• Detailed specifications
• Sustainability strategy



Native Architects will support the client and Builder (Contractor) whilst the project is on site. The construction programme will be monitored and any design queries will be resolved from site as they arise. We will recommend the correct form of contract (and working with the QS if part of the team) and administer the contract including regular site inspections and review of progress.


• Administering contracts
• Resolving site queries
• Advising on detailed design solutions
• Certifying payments
• Regular site inspections
• Reviewing progress on site


Handover and Close Out

At this stage the building will be handed over to the client or users and the building contractor. A building manual as constructed information can be prepared depending on the building type.


• Updating Project information as required
• Final inspections
• Settling final accounts with QS if part of team


In Use

If a client wishes to monitor the buildings performance in the initial and subsequent stages of use, post occupancy evaluation, project performance and feedback between building owner and users can be put in place.


• Post occupancy studies
• Updating of project information
• Research and development