Sustainable Design

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Sustainable Design

We specialise in designing buildings that have a low impact on the environment using both modern and traditional methods. We avoid using petrochemical based products as they can degrade internal air quality and are non-recyclable.

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The design process is collaborative and exciting, artistic, pulling together a mixture of aesthetic and technical skills creating functional and imaginative solutions. Behind every good design is a rigorous stress testing of the brief.

1. We examine precedents to explore the feasibility of your ideas.
2. A feasibility study will often be prepared to explore options for the site or building.
3. Sketches and illustrations are prepared to explain the design concept – the expression of a core idea around which all the parts of the project can develop into a finalised design.
4. The design team can comprise a sole designer working with the client or a mixture of consultants such as engineers or specialists.


“We were delighted to find Native have an enormous affection for their team, ethos and overall approach. We were really impressed by Native's ability to combine innovative design with a passion for sustainability and a strong understanding of our business and hopes for the project. We were then impressed by their ability to convert concepts and layouts into accurate and deliverable plans on such a varied and challenging site. We hope to work with Native again and can't recommend them highly enough”.