Briefing and Development

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Briefing and Development

Briefing is another level of gathering information from you about your project and the details of your requirements.

We pride ourselves on successfully translating your ideas into your perfect project with thoroughness, thoughtfulness and personal service. This is one of the most critical stages of a project and must be undertaken methodically.

1. We work closely with you to understand and define your needs, for example a schedule of accommodation and accessibility requirements.
2. We look at opportunities and constraints that could affect the project.
3. We work closely with you to identify budgets and costs.
4. We can assist with preparing reports on capital investment, partnership and joint ventures.
5. If the project requires commercial analysis, we collaborate with colleagues who can research markets, financial models and examine demographic data to ensure that the project is viable financially.

"Native were invaluable; not only did they listen sympathetically to and appreciate and understand exactly what was needed, but they provided a clear map of what needed to be done, how it was to be done, by when and at what cost. They ensured that the process and the work complied with the necessary building regulations, monitored progress and ensured that the finished job was to their as well as to our satisfaction. A daunting and sensitive task expertly executed."