Portfolio Farm Redevelopment, Tadcaster

The high-specification bed-makers Harrison Spinks required modern and traditional buildings attached to a Grade II listed farmstead near Tadcaster to be sympathetically converted for commercial use.

Their ethos is very similar to Native’s – every effort is made to use only natural, renewable materials. They are committed to growing their own materials locally and avoid sourcing from distant parts to reduce embodied energy.

Sheep are reared on the farm to produce pure new wool and crops cultivated to manufacture ‘Hempure’ blends for filling mattresses.

To insulate the large wall surfaces of the agricultural buildings, a mixture of hemp and a lime binder is cast in panels around timber studwork. In-situ cast hemp lime was adopted in order to ensure airtightness, breathability, humidity control and thermal mass to store solar heat gains.

This approach minimises the heat input required from the district heating system, which is fuelled by waste from biomass grown on the adjoining farmland.

For Harrison Spinks’ testimonal visit http://www.nativearchitects.com/harrison-spinks-testimonial/