Architects in Malton

Architects in Malton

Native Architects is a multi-award-winning architectural practice established for over 25 years specialising in delivering well designed buildings that are sensitive to their locality and constructed with natural, renewable and sustainable materials.

We don’t just say our buildings are sustainable; we know that they are, and we pride ourselves as being both innovators and pioneers with an overriding guiding ambition to design inspirational buildings that have minimal environmental impact.

We aspire to create the healthiest internal environment for your property; we advocate construction methods that avoid the use of plastics, toxic chemicals and materials manufactured using fossil fuels, and specify hemp, straw, lime and timber for their low embodied carbon, and natural, breathable qualities. We understand that true sustainable construction considers the embodied carbon of building materials as well as the amount of energy a building uses every day. Our ‘fabric first’ approach involves a considered response to the site, the environment and the unique surroundings of each project.

We specialise in the conservation, restoration and refurbishment of listed buildings and those in difficult heritage contexts, including Conservation Areas and National Parks. We specialise in highly sustainable new houses and commercial buildings, again focusing on a fabric-first approach using materials that support good internal air quality resulting in healthy living and working environments for their owners and users.

Our approach to environmental sustainability has resulted in winning numerous design and construction awards for our building projects including residential, leisure, commercial and historic buildings.  Whilst winning awards is not our ambition they do reinforce the fact that our practice is at the top end of what you will find across our region.

We have delivered or are working on significant architectural projects in Malton and the surrounding villages which include:

  • The conversion of a Grade II listed landmark building, situated in the market place in Malton into offices.
  • Converting a two-story barn into new commercial business units at Middlecave Yard.
  • A large straw bale home in Whenby.
  • A new low-carbon home near Stamford Bridge.
  • A retrofit farmhouse located in a sensitive agricultural landscape.

If you would like to discuss a specific project in Malton or surrounding villages please call the office on 01904 656133 or contact us through our website contact form